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Our Purpose

We are a group of non-partisan citizens (We The People), concerned that our voices are being drowned out by the huge amounts of special interest money being spent to elect our State and National representatives.

What can we do?

Although special interest money has always had a corrupting influence on elections and legislation, recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions have made the situation worse. (see: Millions)

By corruption, we don't mean illegal selling of influence or votes. Dependence corruption is legal and just as damaging to our republic (see: Dialing for Dollars)

It is clear that a Constitutional amendment is necessary to give Congress the ability to pass real campaign finance reform.

Our short-term goal is to show our legislators our concern by passing local warrant article resolutions calling for a constitutional amendment and real campaign finance reform.

More than 76 New Hampshire towns filed resolutions on their Town Warrants from 2013 to 2015 and 68 were successful in passing them. (See list)

Current Legislation

Updates will be added if additional legislation is proposed to limit or regulate campaign spending.


How can you help?

Our current effort is to pass warrant articles in all Carroll County towns. If you would like to emulate our efforts in your town or county, please contact us at the e-mail address below.