(Final language for the resolutions)


WHEREAS, the Founders of our nation intended that government should be answerable to, controlled by, and dependent upon “the people alone” (James Madison, Federalist No. 52, 1788); and

WHEREAS, the influence of corporate and other moneyed interests on the political process has diminished the dependency on the people alone;

BE IT RESOLVED that the voters of [YOUR TOWN], New Hampshire instruct [YOUR TOWN]’s state representatives to call for, and [YOUR TOWN]’s congressional representatives to propose, an amendment to the United States Constitution declaring that; the rights and protections afforded to citizens by the Constitution of the United States apply only to natural persons, and; the federal and state legislatures shall have the authority to regulate and limit, but not ban, all expenditures from any source supporting or opposing the election of any candidate for federal or state office, or for any initiative or referendum. [YOUR TOWN]’s state legislators are instructed to ratify such a constitutional amendment.

IF A MAJORITY of voters support the question, the Selectmen shall immediately, and on the twenty-first of January of each year, until Congress has proposed an amendment and such amendment is ratified by the state, send a written notice to [YOUR TOWN]’s congressional delegation, and to [YOUR TOWN]’s state legislators, informing them of the instructions from their constituents.



Petition (download here)

Although there is a petition specific for each town in Carroll County on the page for that town, we have included here a copy of a generic petition which may be used in any town in New Hampshire. It must be signed by 2%, or 25, of the registered voters in town, whichever is less, but with a minimum of 10 signatures. It is then presented to the Selectmen prior to the cut-off date (around February 5th) in order to be included on your Town's Warrant.