A petition was signed by 22 or more registered voters and was placed on the town warrant for a vote on March 12, 2014. The resolution passed.


Final language for the resolution:

Article 49: (By Petition) - That the New Hampshire State Legislature join nearly 500 municipalities and 16 other states, including all other New England states, in calling upon Congress to move forward a constitutional amendment that 1) guarantees the right of our elected representatives and of the American people to safeguard fair elections through authority to regulate political spending, and 2) clarifies that constitutional rights were established for people, not corporations.
That the New Hampshire Congressional delegation supports such a constitutional amendment.
That the New Hampshire State Legislature supports such an amendment once it is approved by Congress and sent to the State for ratification.
The record of the vote approving this article shall be transmitted by written notice to Wakefield’s congressional delegation, and to Wakefield’s state legislators, and to the President of the United States informing them of the instructions from their constituents by the selectmen within 30 days of the vote.