A petition for a resolution was presented, and a warrant article was added to the Eaton warrant for 2014. It was passed during Town Meeting in March 2014.

In 2012, a petition was signed, filed, and voted on at the Town meeting. Arguments against the petition were that it would somehow deny personal constitutional rights by allowing for the limiting of corporate rights. Limited discussion at the Town meeting was not sufficient to refute such claims, so the resolution was defeated by about 2/3 of the voters.

A less complicated, and less controversial, resolution was proposed for inclusion on the 2014 Town Warrant. This resolution language simply expressed a desire for the legislature to support meaningful campaign finance reform at all levels of government.

This language should not be seen as partisan or political in nature, and leaves the final language of any reform up to the legislature, and any ratification of such reform up to two-thirds of the States.

There is no requirement for the Selectmen to submit the vote, or in any other way get involved in this issue. That was another complaint by last year's detractors.


Kenneth McKenzie
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Resolution (2014)

The required number of signatures were obtained and this resolution was on the 2014 Eaton Town Warrant, and passed at the Town Meeting in March 2014.

On petition of 10 registered voters in the Town of Eaton: To see if the Town will vote to pass the following RESOLUTION;


The Town of Eaton hereby requests the General Court of New Hampshire to propose or support an Amendment to the United States Constitution that empowers the Congress and the States to establish fair and comprehensive limits on campaign finance at all levels of government.