ABOUT "We the People-MWV"

Early in 2012, Dick Pollock, a local photographer and political thinker, started a book discussion on Lawrence Lessig's "Republic, Lost", an in-depth look at the corrupting influence of money in politics.

Reading this book had a profound influence on many of the book discussion participants, who decided they would like to try and do something about this problem.

After the book discussion ended, we agreed to continue meeting and discussing potential actions we could take to promote a constitutional amendment that would allow Congress to pass legislation instituting real campaign finance reform.

There are many groups across the nation that are working toward a solution to this very real threat to our Republic, but we felt we could be just as effective by working locally to raise awareness of the problem. We have decided to follow the example of many towns, by having local citizens demand action by their legislators to support a constitutional amendment, and real campaign finance reform.

We have determined that passage of resolutions in each town in the Mount Washington Valley at the March town meetings would send a positive message to our legislators that we are fed up and want them to do something about this very serious problem.